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What is better, a root canal or an extraction?

When you have tooth pain, the only thing you want is relief! It can be challenging to focus on daily work or tasks, or even sleep at night when you're dealing with dental pain. It might feel like you would want your tooth pulled out to eliminate your pain; however, there are some things you should consider when deciding how to get rid of a tooth infection. 

Severe and constant dental pain typically means you have a tooth infection. If you are proactive about treating your tooth, a root canal in Flowery Branch, GA can remove the infected tissue from inside your tooth and alleviate your infection. This will also preserve your natural tooth, which is always our goal.

If a dental infection is left untreated, it will get progressively worse and even more painful. Your tooth can get to a point where root canal treatment can no longer help, and a tooth extraction is inevitable.

When you lose a tooth, it's essential to replace it to protect your dental health and your smile. Without a tooth replacement, you face more significant problems that include bone loss, which changes the appearance of your face and can lead to more tooth loss.

Surrounding teeth will also begin to move and shift into the open space, causing bite misalignment.

Root canal treatment in Flowery Branch helps save you time, stress, and money in the long term. Contact Royal Lakes Family Dental today if you are having tooth pain, or have questions about root canal treatment.

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