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How do partial dentures work?

When our patients think of dentures, many of them imagine a complete set of teeth floating in a glass on a nightstand. While the average denture is a complete set of removable teeth, it is not the only option available to our patients in Flowery Branch, GA.

What Are Partial Dentures?

Dentist in Flowery Branch crafting custom partial denturesIf you are only missing one or a few teeth, you may be a candidate for partial dentures in Flowery Branch. Partial dentures can fill in these gaps, giving you a natural-looking and complete smile. 

In addition, you can use them to eat and drink.

Partial dentures depend on clips, jawbone structure, and healthy teeth for support. In some cases, Dr. Reginald Booker, DDS may also recommend a dental implant for a fixed prosthetic

This procedure is just one of several options for replacing missing teeth. Schedule an appointment with our dentist to see if you're a candidate for partial dentures.

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