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Why Sometimes a Tooth Extraction is the Answer

May 4, 2017
Posted By: Reginald Booker
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When you go to the dentist with severe tooth pain or a serious case of tooth decay, the dentist will do everything they can to save that tooth and ease the pain. Advances in dental technology mean that many teeth, even seriously compromised ones, can be saved, but there are times when a tooth extraction is the best option.

It is best to let your dentist decide whether your tooth can be saved or extraction is the best option. Your dentist has the experience, the training and the expertise needed to make the call, and your mouth will be the better for it.

A Dangerous Infection

An infected tooth will cause you severe pain, but it could also put your physical health at risk. An infection deep in the tooth can spread to other parts of your body, compromising your health and leading to a potentially dangerous condition.

If your tooth is found to be severely infected, your dentist may choose extraction as a safer alternative to other forms of treatment. In this case, extraction could be the only safe course of action, and you should always listen to the advice of the dentist and other medical professionals.

Severe Pain

If you are suffering from severe pain, a timely tooth extraction may be the best way to relieve the suffering. While other forms of treatment could be effective, they could take longer, and that could mean more pain in the long run.

For patients with severe tooth pain, the dentist may recommend an immediate extraction, followed by the use of a dental implant or other appliance later on. That way you get immediate relief from your tooth pain, and you can save your appearance.

If the Tooth is Severely Damaged or Compromised

If your tooth has been damaged in an accident or as the result of a sports injury, it may be too compromised to save, and an extraction may be the only viable course of option. Extraction may also be required if the tooth is severely decayed, or if it is extremely discolored or otherwise compromised.

If you suspect tooth decay, it is important to get to the dentist as soon as possible. If you leave your decayed tooth go too long, the damage could be too severe to save the tooth. In that case, extraction may be the only way to preserve the rest of your natural teeth, as the decay and gum disease could spread to the surrounding area. As with all types of medical care, it is important to rely on the advice of your dentist regarding a tooth extraction. Your dentist can help you understand what is involved in the extraction, and how to preserve your healthy smile going forward.

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