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Five Tips for Maintaining Your Newly Whitened Teeth

September 8, 2015
Posted By: Reginald Booker
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When you’ve made the investment for professionally whitened teeth, you don’t want your everyday habits to undo your results. To keep your teeth movie-star white, follow these five tips.

Tip 1: Skip the Tooth-Staining Foods

If drinks like red wine and coffee are your vices, it’s time to cut back if you want to keep your teeth white. These beverages, along with soy sauce and blueberries, can have staining effects. If you just can’t give up your morning cup of coffee, however, considering sipping on it with a straw. This exposes your front teeth to less of the tooth-staining particles.

Tip 2: Enjoy Teeth-Whitening Foods

Just as some foods can darken teeth, others can whiten them. Even better, most of these foods are healthy for you. These include strawberries, almonds, carrots, pears or apples. Drinking plenty of water can also help to wash away tooth-staining particles, preventing decay and keeping your teeth white.

Tip 3: Make This the Time to Quit Smoking for Good

The biggest tooth-staining habit is smoking cigarettes. Not only does this habit stain your teeth, these stains are much harder to remove than food-related stains. Not only does stopping smoking keep your teeth whiter, it also is a huge step for your health and one that can extend your life. While quitting is hard, the results are worth it. For help to quit smoking, call the Georgia Tobacco Quit Line at 1-877-270-STOP (877-270-7867).

Tip 4: Maintain Good Oral Hygiene

While our staff at Royal Lakes Dental always encourages you to practice excellent oral hygiene, the added bonus is that good habits will keep your teeth white. This means brushing your teeth at least twice daily to remove decay-causing bacteria and help keep your teeth white. You can also talk to our dentists to determine if you could benefit from a teeth-whitening toothpaste. Don’t neglect the value of flossing either — this practice can help to free up particles in between the teeth that can cause tooth-staining decay. You’ll also want to maintain your regular dentist’s appointments at our office so we can remove built-up plaque to keep your teeth looking as white as possible.

Tip 5: Utilize Touch-Up Treatments

Even whitened teeth need a little touch-up every now and then. If you utilized our at-home whitening treatments, you may wish to touch up your results every six months to a year. This will extend the life of your teeth-whitening treatments.

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