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Teeth-Friendly Foods for Kids’ Lunches

October 25, 2014
Posted By: Reginald Booker

Did you know that there is a wide array of foods that can actually help keep your children’s teeth healthy and clean? Many of these foods are ideal for packing in kids’ lunches. By adding them regularly to lunch bags and boxes, you can ensure that your kids are eating foods that can help protect their smiles.


The acid contained in strawberries is a highly effective teeth whitener. Although not recommended for eating every day (the natural acid in strawberries isn’t good for tooth enamel), strawberries can actually help keep teeth white. Moreover, strawberries are a super fruit that brim with important nutrients like vitamin C and fiber. As an added bonus, many kids love them and would be thrilled to see them in their lunches each week.


There are many reasons why people need to drink plenty of water each day, but healthy teeth is certainly one of them. Drinking water helps wash away bacterial growth that can lead to bad breath and germ build up. Water also keeps your child’s mouth moist and refreshed. Instead of fruit juices that contain loads of sugar, send your kids to school with a water bottle for optimum health.


If your kids love raisins, be sure to add them to their lunches. Raisins are ideal for fighting cavity-causing bacteria due to their rich concentrations of phytochemicals. Researchers have also found that some of the compounds in raisins have the natural ability to protect gums from harmful bacteria too.


Rich in fiber, apples are one of the best scrubbing foods your kids can eat. Apples have a natural tooth-scrubbing effect as your kids chew them. In addition, chewing foods like apples that are high in fiber encourages saliva production; the saliva helps keep mouths free of bacteria.

Carrot Sticks

Like apples, carrots help scrub the teeth as they’re chewed. This scrubbing effect literally removes plaque while your kids eat. Because carrots are so nutritious, you can pack carrot sticks in their lunches as often as you like.


In recent dental studies, teens that ate more cheese had less levels of acid in their mouths. According to dental experts, the cheese helps neutralize plaque acid for a healthy smile. When compared with other dairy products, researchers determined that cheese was the one dairy food that had this strong neutralizing effect. While milk may not neutralize plaque, it is also recommended because of its stores of calcium.


With their stores of calcium, almonds are great for your teeth. Calcium helps keep teeth enamel strong. In fact, because calcium is essential for healthy bones, eating almonds is also healthful for your jaw. Many kids like almonds for their flavor and crunch factor. Almonds can also help fill your kids up so they’ll be less hungry for sugary snacks. If your kids are allowed a school snack, almonds are a great choice.

Tell your kids all about the benefits of these healthy foods and how they protect teeth. The more your kids learn to choose foods that are good for their teeth and overall health, the more likely they will be to choose them as they age. As these foods are often preferred by kids, they’ll be likely to enjoy eating them on a regular basis.

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