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New Year’s Resolution? Strengthen Your Relationship with Food

January 5, 2017
Posted By: Reginald Booker
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Food is the lifeblood of the soul. It nourishes your body and provides you with the energy to go about your day. Food is meant to be the fuel that keeps you going, but it can also be the very thing that slows you down and makes your health suffer. In order to achieve the goal of living a healthier lifestyle, you need to strengthen your relationship with the foods you eat. Here are several ways to do so:

Seek Out Variety

Eating the same old steamed vegetables, grilled chicken, and portions of fruit gets boring after a while, and you are more likely to sway toward processed junk foods in order to excite your taste buds. The way to combat this is to always seek out new and tasty menu options. Explore the unknown and find recipes that taste good and are good for you. There are plenty of healthy-eating websites out there, and you are sure to find some prize-winning meals that are affordable and easy to prepare.

Know Your Food

Like with a romantic relationship, your relationship with food blossoms over time. Do your research and get to know the food you consume. As you learn more about the nutrition value associated with the foods you eat, you will become more able to make good decisions and have a deeper appreciation for it.


Tap into your creative side and experiment with your food. New recipes are invented every day by those who step into the unknown and create new flavors and mouth-watering dishes. Once you have developed your palette and gained an appreciation for the foods you eat, you will be better able to detect flavors and nuances that pair well together. Become a food scientist, and you may just discover the next award-winning meal.

Love Your Food

When you develop a loving relationship with the food you eat, it will provide you with all the nutrients needed for a healthy lifestyle. Do not just eat food because it tastes good, but find the connections between the natural Earth and yourself. Seek out foods that are pure and simple. You can spice up cooked vegetables and meat so that it tastes divine without putting empty calories into your body.

Food is needed to keep the body going, and should taste amazing when it touches your tongue. Avoid the empty calories that processed foods contain. Instead, nurture your relationship with food by learning more about it and finding new and creative ways to enjoy the pure and natural varieties in your region. You will start to feel even better as your health benefits from the many nutrients provided in the Earth’s natural bounty.

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