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Is Nitrous Oxide Safe?

April 6, 2022
Posted By: Royal Lakes Family and Cosmetic Dentistry
A Patient Getting Sedated in Flowery Branch, GA

Your dentist in Flowery Branch, GA, always makes sure sedation is safe before giving the green light. Our team also employs a gentle hand to make your treatment comfortable. If we don’t have a recent one on file, we take a health history and can talk to you about nitrous oxide.

Fortunately, nitrous oxide is usually deemed safe for adults and children.

What Is Nitrous Oxide, and Will It Put Me to Sleep?

Nitrous oxide is an odorless gas that has been used for decades in dentistry. We deliver this gas through a small nose mask, and when we discontinue the nitrous, you’ll have no lingering side effects. You can even drive yourself home from your dental treatment and return to work or school.

This level and type of sedation does not put you to sleep, but it produces a nice detached and relaxed feeling, allowing you to get treatment without stress. In addition to nitrous oxide, we always thoroughly numb the treatment area, eliminating pain.

Reasons You Might Consider Sedation Dentistry in Flowery Branch, GA

If you have dental anxiety, dental phobia, or a strong gag reflex, nitrous oxide may be suitable. Your dentist may also recommend nitrous if you undergo multiple treatments during a single office visit or multiple visits. It is also a good choice for invasive procedures like deep dental fillings, root canals, or some types of extraction.

Your dentist will talk to you more about what to expect with sedation dentistry and whether it is the right option.

Contact Your Dentist in Flowery Branch, GA

If you would like to learn more about sedation dentistry or if you have any questions for our team, give us a call today. We are happy to chat with you and make dentistry accessible through sedation and a gentle hand.

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