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Learn how to brush your teeth WHILE you exercise!

November 3, 2016
Posted By: Reginald Booker
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If you can perform a one armed pull-up, fine, but then you probably don’t need to be exercising while brushing your teeth. For those who don’t want to hurt themselves attempting a ridiculous feat of strength, coordination, and balance, there is an easier way to exercise while doing a daily hygienic task. Remember that every little bit of exercise counts!

Most people spend about five minutes each day brushing their teeth. Two minutes in the morning and two minutes at night. That is five minutes that you could be used to add some easy and sweat-free exercise to your day!


The easiest way to exercise while brushing your teeth is by doing squats. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and bend your knees slightly. Lower your body into a squat and hold for fifteen seconds. Raise yourself back up straight and repeat. At first you might only be able to do one or two squats before your legs burn, but eventually you’ll be able to do squats for the entire two minutes of brushing.

If your bathroom has an open wall, then you can modify this exercise by doing a wall squat. Lean your back against the wall, with your legs bent to an almost ninety degree angle. Hold yourself here for as long as you can! Thirty seconds is a good starting goal and encourages you to work yourself up to a full minute or two. You should feel your legs burn. This exercise is excellent for toning your legs and butt.


Leg exercises are the easiest and most effective way of exercising while brushing your teeth, though arm and abdominal exercises can be done as well. Curls are an effective arm exercise. Perform a curl with the hand opposite the one that you are brushing your teeth with. Use a light dumbbell (anywhere from 2 to 10 lbs) or a resistance band. Perform fifteen curls and then switch. To work your abs a little bit while brushing your teeth, you’ll want to pull in your stomach, squeeze as tight as you can, and hold for thirty seconds. Feel your abs burn! If you want to get fancy with it, you can combine legs, arms, and abs into one brushing session. For beginners though, squats are the easiest way to start.

Everyone has at least five minutes of extra time each day while they are brushing their teeth. Why not use those five minutes to do a little muscle toning? If you exercise each and every time you brush your teeth, at the end of the week you will have exercised for thirty minutes total!

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