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How Can Lasers Detect Dental Cavities?

June 16, 2022
Posted By: Royal Lakes Family Dental
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Though mostly the mainstay of science fiction, lasers have been a valuable tool for dentists in Flowery Branch, GA, for over fifty years. The first instance of a laser applied to dentistry was in 1960, and within three years, medical-grade lasers were commercially available. During those early years, dentists used lasers primarily for their accurate cutting properties. For example, drilling teeth and removing infected gum tissue are common usages for dental lasers today.

However, at Royal Lakes Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, we use a special laser to uncover tooth cavities that resist detection from other methods. This process is painless – we’re not using a Star Wars laser here. Instead, we bounce laser light off tooth surfaces, and the technology measures its reflection to determine if you have a tricky-to-find cavity.

Not All Plaque Is Easy to Find and Remove

Tooth decay is the essential cause of most dental cavities and is a result of plaque build-up. It damages tooth enamel, leaving little pits and grooves behind. But in many cases, tooth decay penetrates your enamel and begins an inner tooth infection. Because these cavities build below the surface, they’re exceptionally hard to see. This is where our new DIAGNOdent™ system comes in.

This dental technology consists of a pen that glides over teeth while connected to a unit that emits an alarm when it detects a cavity. Without this tool, many of these cavities would progress before detection, leading to unnecessary pain and potentially costly dental treatments. 

Early Detection Is the Key to Treating Dental Cavities

As helpful as laser cavity detection can be for your dentist, your part is to maintain your routine dental exams. Tooth decay often begins innocuously enough, but the resulting infection can also find its way into your gums. From that point, you may need significant dental work to fight the infection, and losing teeth can be inevitable. Our dental team encourages you never to wait to see your dentist in Flowery Branch

Laser Cavity Detection Dentist in Flowery Branch, GA

Tooth cavities respond best to treatment when they’re minor, and the team at Royal Lakes Family and Cosmetic Dentistry has the best tools to find them at their earliest stages. If you’ve waited to see your dentist, we encourage you to call and set up an exam today.

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