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What You Should Know About Gum Disease

August 25, 2020
Posted By: Royal Lakes Family Dental
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We've all heard of gum disease, but not many Flowery Branch patients truly understand what this disease is.

In short, gum disease infects your gum tissues that keep your teeth securely anchored. Many people get this through neglecting their teeth—which is why it's so crucial to brush and floss your teeth every day in order to keep plaque—a sticky film that covers your teeth in bacteria—from hardening. Advanced stage gum disease often results in swollen, tender, bloody gums, tooth pain, and eventually, tooth loss. 

How Does Gum Disease Happen?

Bacteria is everywhere, but not all of it is bad. Our mouth is teeming with bacteria, but when harmful bacteria are allowed to set up camp on your teeth through plaque, it can be challenging to get rid of them without a dental professional. 

Dr. Reginald Booker can eliminate the build-up of plaque that can harden into tartar. Once tartar has set, it can only be removed by a dentist or hygenist. 

Smokers are the biggest victims of gum disease, as smoking can hinder healing and cleaning. 

How to Know If You Have Gum Disease

While many people suffering from gum disease don't even know they have it, there are sometimes tell-tale signs that patients should look for, including:

  • Constant bad breath even after brushing
  • Swollen gums
  • Bleeding and tender gums
  • Pain while eating
  • Receding gums
  • Tooth pain
  • Loose teeth

Don't Skip Your Routine Dental Cleaning and Exam

During your dental appointment with us, we look for signs of gum disease or infection. When caught early enough, gum disease can be reversible. If periodontal disease is allowed to flourish without any dental professional intervention, we may need to apply advanced materials and tools to keep your entire mouth safe. 

We also ask that patients do their part to fight gum disease by brushing and flossing daily. If you haven't quit smoking yet, this is a great time to quit!

Working together, we can keep any dental issues at bay.

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Dentistry is a collaborative process; we look forward to working side-by-side with you to keep your smile beautiful and healthy for many years!

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