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What to Do First When You Wake Up with a Throbbing Toothache

November 17, 2019
Posted By: Royal Lakes Family and Cosmetic Dentistry
Man holding face in pain from dental emergency near Gainesville GA

You woke up at midnight with a slight ache in your tooth, so you took some ibuprofen and went back to bed. Now it’s morning, and that slight ache has turned into a full-blown, throbbing toothache. 

This scenario can play out in a million different variations, but the bottom line is that you’re in pain and you need help—fast! Now is the time to turn to your dentist in Flowery Branch, GA to get the quality dental care you need to provide relief and prevent long-term damage to your smile.

Call Our Dental Office First

Pain anywhere in your body is a sign that something isn’t right. You might be able to ignore a pain in your arms or legs, but toothaches are some of the worst pain you can experience, and relief is non-negotiable; you need help, and you need it now.

When you have any dental emergency —and especially if you’re in pain, call Royal Lakes Family and Cosmetic Dentistry and tell us what’s happening. Part of providing family dentistry at our Flowery Branch, GA dental office involves addressing dental emergencies by providing the urgent relief you need as promptly as possible. 

Steps to Take at Home for Temporary Relief

Until you can get to our dental office, there are methods you can try to provide relief from a painful toothache. 

  • Food can get stuck between teeth and cause a toothache, so try flossing gently around the tooth to remove any obstruction.
  • Try taking over-the-counter pain medications like ibuprofen or Advil as they are known to reduce inflammation and may help relieve your toothache.
  • Place a cold compress on and off your face at 20-minute intervals to reduce swelling and provide some pain relief

Call Us with Your Dental Emergency

If you don’t like visiting the dentist, you might think that waiting for the pain to resolve on its own is a good idea. Even if it does subside, you’re not out of the woods. Whatever condition that caused the pain hasn’t been treated, and it will eventually return. Wait too long to see us, and our treatment options may be limited to a root canal or even tooth extraction.

If you have a toothache and need emergency dental care in Flowery Branch, GA, please call Royal Lakes Cosmetic and Family Dentistry so we can get you on our schedule as soon as possible.

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