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Take Care of Your Teeth – Delicious and Healthy Trick or Treat Snacks for Your Little Ghosts and Gob

September 30, 2016
Posted By: Reginald Booker
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Halloween is almost upon us, and that can mean only one thing. Pretty soon, ghosts and goblins from throughout your neighborhood will be descending on your home with treat bag in hand, and they will be hoping for something sweet.

Giving out candy and other sweet treats at Halloween is a time-honored tradition, and participating in the festivities can be fun for you and for your kids. Even so, you do not want to jeopardize your own dental health, or the bright white smile of your children and their friends. A single night of candy is not worth months of tooth decay and cavities, but there are things you can do to please the kids and your dentist.

You do not have to be the house that hands out apples and toothbrushes to create a tooth-friendly trick or treat night for your kids and their neighborhood pals. Here are some of the best tasting and most dental-friendly candy treats for your kids and their friends this Halloween.

Sugar-Free Gum

Chewing gum is a popular choice for trick or treat, so feel free to stock up on the sugar-free variety. Not only will sugar-free gum not harm the teeth, but the chewing action can actually clean less healthy candy residue away from the gumline.

If you do not feel like giving out sugar-free gum on its own, you can always throw a pack in with the other candy treats. You may be surprised at how popular your gift of sugar-free gum will be, not only for the kids but their parents as well.

Sugar-Free Hard Candy

Hard candy is always a good choice for trick or treat, especially if the weather is warm when the ghosts and goblins start their march through the neighborhood. Even when all that chocolate candy has turned into a melted mess, the hard candy you give out will still taste just as good.

Once again, sugar-free hard candy is the best way to go. The artificial sweeteners used in sugar-free hard candy taste just as good as sugar, but without the tooth-rotting downside.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is not exactly good for your teeth, but this delicious candy treat does have some potential health benefits. Dark chocolate is filled with antioxidants, which have proven health benefits, so feel free to hand out some candy bars when the ghosts and goblins come calling.

You can always opt for the smaller fun-size dark chocolate candy bars instead of their larger equivalents. The kids can get all the fun of chocolate without all the calories and sugar of a full-size bar.

Halloween should be a fun holiday for everyone, but it is still important to consider dental health when handing out those treats. As you can see, there are plenty of great ways to participate in trick or treat night without endangering your kids or their teeth.

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