Crowns & Bridges in Flowery Branch, GA

dental crowns flowery branch gaIn a perfect world, we would all keep our natural teeth for a lifetime, living out our golden years with the same bright white smile we enjoyed as children. In the real world, however, life often gets in the way, and when that happens it is good to know there are options available.

If one or more of your natural teeth have been damaged by cavities or compromised by gum disease, your dentist may be able to bridge the gap – literally. Dental bridges are designed to fill in those gaps and give you the flawless smile you have always dreamed about.

dental bridges flowery branch gaBoth crowns and bridges can be very valuable for patients of all ages. If you have always wanted to restore the wonderful smile you had when you were younger, just talk to Dr. Booker about how these devices can make your teeth look better than ever. If one or more teeth are chipped or broken, we can restore them to their former glory with a few well-placed crowns. Dental crowns are better and more durable than ever before, and they look so natural that they are almost impossible to tell from natural teeth.

Modern bridges are also designed to be both beautiful and unobtrusive. Dr. Booker can discuss your options and fit you with a bridge that fits perfectly with your natural teeth, restoring your beautiful smile and giving you the self-confidence you need to face the day.

No matter what your age and circumstances, you do not have to let a crooked, cracked or chipped smile get in the way of living your life. Dr. Booker can design natural looking crowns, bridges and other devices to make your smile look like new again.

If you have been putting off the dental work you need, there is no need to wait any longer. You do not have to live with an imperfect smile any more – with modern crowns and bridges, you can look and feel your best.