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A Spoonful of Sugar Helps the Medicine, But Not Your Teeth!

With cold and flu season in striking distance, many families are reasonably stocking up on cold remedies and cough syrups. Our dental practice is particularly concerned with cold and cough syrups as they invariably contain sugar. Other medications you or your kids might be taking at this time like antihistamine syrups can also affect oral health. These medications, while helpful at reducing sniffles, coughs, and watery eyes, can impact both tooth enamel erosion and tooth decay.

Why Sugar?

The makers of over-the-counter medicines know that we don’t really relish taking them, but since we feel miserable with cold, flu, or allergy, we’ll swallow it down. These medications taste rather awful, but just ...

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Caring for Toddlers’ Baby Teeth

We meet many parents of toddlers who are understandably excited to report their child’s first tooth. At this point, we can’t stop ourselves from reminding these parents that it’s time to instate a dental care routine. Surprisingly, many parents do not consider brushing their baby or toddler’s first few teeth. Because they are just baby teeth and the children aren’t devouring cake or cookies yet, these parents often overlook the necessity of toddler tooth care. We believe, however, that good dental health and habits start right from the beginning with that first pearly white tooth!

The Importance of Brushing Baby’s New Teeth

Did you know that well over half of all American parents ...

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Understanding the Five Most Common Toothache Causes

Aching, throbbing and/or sharp — these are all adjectives our patients often use to describe a toothache. However, many patients ignore a toothache, which can serve as a warning sign that dental attention is needed. Underneath the hard, outer enamel of your tooth rests a bundle of sensitive nerves. If you experience an underlying tooth condition, such as a cavity, bacteria can affect the nerves. This results in painful sensations.

Most toothaches should not be ignored, especially when you have no known cause associated with the toothache. For example, some people have very sensitive teeth and may get a toothache after eating ice cream or drinking a cold beverage. However, if you do ...

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Five Tips for Maintaining Your Newly Whitened Teeth

When you’ve made the investment for professionally whitened teeth, you don’t want your everyday habits to undo your results. To keep your teeth movie-star white, follow these five tips.

Tip 1: Skip the Tooth-Staining Foods

If drinks like red wine and coffee are your vices, it’s time to cut back if you want to keep your teeth white. These beverages, along with soy sauce and blueberries, can have staining effects. If you just can’t give up your morning cup of coffee, however, considering sipping on it with a straw. This exposes your front teeth to less of the tooth-staining particles.

Tip 2: Enjoy Teeth-Whitening Foods

Just as some foods can darken teeth, others can ...

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Don’t Make These Common Mistakes When Brushing Your Teeth

When it comes to properly brushing the teeth, many patients can use a refresher to ensure they are truly getting to the bacteria that love to linger on the teeth and in between their surfaces. By following some of our tips for successfully brushing your teeth, you can sport a healthier smile.

Mistake: You Do Not Brush Long Enough

If you are brushing your teeth for less than two minutes, you’re not brushing long enough. However, many of our busy patients think a quick brushing episode will be sufficient to clean your teeth. The truth is that some things, such as brushing your teeth and washing your hands, must take time to do ...

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Beat Bad Breath for Good

Bad breath, or halitosis as it’s known in the dental world, is an embarrassing occurrence most would like to avoid. Many of our patients report experiencing bad breath, and we have several solutions to help people beat bad breath for good. Most take less than five minutes per day and many can be accomplished at home.

Excellent oral hygiene habits are one of the keys to overcoming bad breath. However, you must go slightly beyond the typical brush-and-floss routine to truly conquer bad breath. This includes brushing your tongue as you brush your teeth. Tongues tend to gather bacteria and are an often-neglected aspect of your dental care routine. You can ...

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Advantages of a Whiter Smile

Whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures, and with good reason. A whiter smile offers significant advantages, and there are plenty of ways to maintain such a smile well into old age.

Why a white smile matters

When your smile is white, you feel much more confident. Instead of worrying that someone might see your teeth, you can laugh and smile freely and know that your teeth look great. In addition to influencing your inner life and self-esteem, a whiter smile allows you to be perceived more positively. You will look healthy, clean and more attractive. Meanwhile, yellow or grey teeth can easily make an otherwise attractive appearance look ...

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