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The Truth about Diet Soda & Artificial Sweeteners…

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Do you use low or no-calorie sweeteners, yet still find it difficult to lose those extra pounds? Whether it’s stevia, sucralose, or aspartame, artificial or “natural” sweeteners work against you in your quest to lose weight. Instead of satisfying cravings, they boost your appetite for sweet, high-calorie foods.

Artificial Sweeteners Aren’t Effective Weight-Loss Products

Those who regularly use artificial sweeteners are more prone to gain weight than those who don’t use them. Several longitudinal studies found that subjects who used sugar substitutes gained weight after periods of up to eight years.

Research shows that the regular consumption of artificial sweeteners doesn’t promote lower body mass. Part of the reason may stem from the ...

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New Year’s Resolution? Strengthen Your Relationship with Food

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Food is the lifeblood of the soul. It nourishes your body and provides you with the energy to go about your day. Food is meant to be the fuel that keeps you going, but it can also be the very thing that slows you down and makes your health suffer. In order to achieve the goal of living a healthier lifestyle, you need to strengthen your relationship with the foods you eat. Here are several ways to do so:

Seek Out Variety

Eating the same old steamed vegetables, grilled chicken, and portions of fruit gets boring after a while, and you are more likely to sway toward processed junk foods in order ...

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5 Foods That Cause Bad Breath & Body Odor

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Have you ever noticed how some people seem to ooze body odor even though they are clean by all appearances? Worse yet, you realize that awful smell is coming from your own body, and you know without a doubt that you implement proper hygiene techniques. The cause of that offensive odor emitted from your body may be the food you are eating. Certain foods cause body odor no matter how clean you are. These are five of them.

Red Meat

A group of researchers in the Czech Republic found in a 2006 study that red meat might indeed cause body odor. They did this by collecting the sweat of several men, some ...

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How to Start Saving for a Family Vacation

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Whether you’re planning to take a road trip or fly to your destination, chances are that your family vacation will be a lot of fun. You’ll get to spend time together, enjoy some fun excursions and learn a little more about your family members. There’s just one problem: vacations can be expensive. This is why it’s important to start saving long before you take your actual trip. Figuring out ways to save money when you have kids can be tough and saving with a deadline in mind can be even tougher. Fortunately, there are many ways you can start to save money for your family vacation. Here’s how.

Start early

As soon ...

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5 Tips for Low-Stress, Last-Minute Christmas Shopping

person holding many shopping bags

Did you wait till the last minute to do your Christmas shopping? You probably promised yourself last year you wouldn’t do it again, but here you are.

The prospect of a trip to the mall to buy presents at the last minute can be intimidating at best, but with these five tips, you can expect a smoother, less-stressful experience than last year:

Go early, before the mall opens

Make sure you are up early enough to be one of the first to arrive at the mall. Not only are you likely to get a good parking spot, but there also won’t be as many people in the mall. Shopping is more productive and ...

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Carrots are Delicious and Beneficial for the Whole Body

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Carrots have been called a super food and with good reason. These amazing vegetables are not only good for your eyes but can also help prevent certain cancers and heart disease. They can do wonders for the skin and teeth as well. Carrots are readily available throughout the year and can be prepared in a number of different ways.


When selecting carrots for purchase, make sure that they are firm and have a bright color. The deeper the orange color the more beta-carotene will be present. If buying with the greens still on top, make sure the greens are brightly colored and feathery. The thicker the carrot the sweeter it will ...

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7 AMAZING uses for Coconut Oil

coconuts, coconut oil, coconut milk

You may know that coconut oil is extremely good for you, but how do you use it? Many people aren’t sure of how to incorporate this beneficial oil into their diet, apart from using it to cook with. There are plenty of other ways to use this tasty product, though.

Hair conditioner

Rub a little oil into your hair after a shower and you will experience the benefits of this natural conditioner. It will not only leave your hair soft and manageable, it adds shine, too. If you are also taking the oil internally, you will see even more benefits.

Fine line eraser

Use this lovely oil as a skin lotion and you will ...

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